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Student Insurance


Your child is off to college and away from home. They need insurance to protect them on and off campus as well as any where they travel. The plan has to make sense. It needs great coverage and be accepted by a large provider network. The school plan only covers while the student is on campus. These Student Health Plans is coverage for your college student that will work for you. 

Student Insurance - News

Student Insurance Changes to Increase Coverage for Medicaid Students on Campus October 20, 2014 00:16

By NOAH RANKIN The creation of a new coverage plan for students enrolled in Medicaid in New York State is among many changes to the University's Student Health Insurance Plan that Cornellians may face this semester. Students who currently receive Medicaid in New York State may be adequately covered at [...]

Student plan to allow same-sex spouse benefits October 19, 2014 23:57

The University announced Tuesday that students enrolled in the Aetna Student Health plan are now allowed to add either same- or opposite-sex domestic partners to their plans.

Caring for the community October 20, 2014 00:03

The University recently announced that students who have the Aetna Student Health insurance plan will be allowed to add an opposite- or same-sex partner.

Local agency keeps students healthy October 21, 2014 09:00

Editor's note: This story is part of a series highlighting the numerous agencies supported by the Columbus Area United Way.

USM Gulf Park to open fitness center on campus October 20, 2014 17:46

University of Southern Mississippi's Gulf Park students will soon have some new amenities to enjoy. Much anticipated fitness and health centers are opening on the campus within a week. The 4,323-square-foot complex features 17 cardio machines, a group exercise room, and a free weights area.

Insurance Coverage Area October 19, 2014 11:04

The geographic region in which an insurance policy's benefits apply.

Health P.E.I. suing foreign student for health costs October 18, 2014 06:39

Spent two months in QEH after being hit by car

Task force releases report on student health insurance October 02, 2014 17:14

The 17-person Task Force on Student Health Insurance released a report today examining "longer term challenges and opportunities facing student health insurance at Penn State," with a particular focus on interpretation of the Affordable Care Act and factors "that contribute to the rising costs of coverage independent of ACA."

Colorado University to limit student work hours -- partly to ease health law coverage requirements October 16, 2014 01:11

The University of Colorado at Boulder is limiting student employee hours to 25 a week during spring and fall semesters in response to Affordable Care Act provisions, and other CU campuses are doing the same. In a newsletter to students, CU-Boulder said the act -; which requires employers to provide health insurance to employees working 30 or more hours per week, or pay fines -; was the catalyst ...

Health Center to offer flu shots October 12, 2014 00:35

Editor's Note: The Technician originally reported that the Health Center would provide free flu shots to students, employees and their family members. This is incorrect. Students with some insurance plans will receive the shot free of charge, but all students can get the immunization and the Health Center will run their insurance.