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Humana Inc. is a full-service benefits solutions company, offering an array of health and supplemental benefit plans. Humana Health Insurance is for individuals, families,self employed, and small business.   Humana's Colorado Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Dental Insurance and Vision insurance are affordable plans for you and your family.  

Humana Colorado Health Insurance Plans and Coverage Includes:

  • PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) - offering great copay and deductible programs just like regular group health insurance
  • HSA (Health Savings Account) - Humana qualified High Deductible Health Plan with certain tax advantages.
  • Prescription Plans – Humana offers great options for you and your family with copays for generic and brand name medications.
  • Life Insurance – Humana can include into your monthly health plan life insurance at a very reasonable amount.
  • Dental Insurance and Vision Insurance – These offerings can be included into your plan at a very reasonable price.

Both plans cover a variety of annual deductible levels with copays to fit the individual’s budget.   In deciding on a plan, you should consider how much you have spent in the past on premiums, copayments, coinsurance and prescription drugs charges.   

Company Information:

Humana was founded in 1961 in Louisville, Kentucky.  A Fortune 500 company that markets and administers affordable health insurance. Humana has a customer base of over 11.5 million in the United States, $25.2 billion in revenue, and over 26,000 employees nationwide.  Humana markets its health insurance services in all 50 U.S. states and internationally.  Source:  Humana.


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